Got Dreams? Define them, Refine Them, Achieve them!


Do you need a speaker or faciliator
for your upcoming event?

I am happy to work with you to set up weekend, full day, half day, and evening seminars and workshops. These include handouts and the ability to actually work through 1-3 goals of their choice, though the length of the actual workshop will dictate the detail with which the participants complete the exercises:

  • At the end of a weekend workshop, they are completely set up and ready to go, aside from any research they need to do on their own time
  • Full-day workshops will have them understanding the concepts and getting some of the detail filled in for three goals
  • Half-day/evening will only enable them to deal with one goal with some gaps missing from the total set-up.

I also do 45-60 minute ““Brown Bagging It!”” lunch hour presentations in your office or venue of choice on:

  • basic goal setting principles
  • time management and
  • stress management